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Phycoskin® Actives


Multifunctional ingredients


Phycoskin Actives are natural multi-functional active ingredients developed to guarantee dermo-cosmetic efficacy.

Naturally bio-produced by our marine holobionts (phytoplankton-microbiota consortia) Phycoskin actives contain all the molecular richness of these microecosystems.
The molecular heritage of Phycoskin actives is the result of millions of years of natural adaptation of these holobionts to survive and achieve a biodynamic balance in highly competitive environments.

Respecting our principles of sustainability and excellence, we just select the most active biomolecules to assure the best health care effects and protect them with encapsulation technology.

Molecular Carrier Biotechnology of Microalgae Solutions protects the molecular integrity of selective active ingredients. This high-performance encapsulation technology ensures high bioavailability and success in cosmetic formulas that incorporate them revealing all their potential in the care and protection of our skin.

OpenSee Phycoskin

OpenSee Phycoskin®

OpenSee Phycoskin® (OPS PSK) is a marine active that unleashes the power of nature for 360° eye contour beauty, lifting eyelids, smoothing crow’s feet, reducing bags under eyes (puffiness) and lightening dark circles.
Endowed with an incredible ability to adapt to the open sea, the tiny nannoplankton holobiont produces bioactive molecules to resist the harsh effects of UV radiation in their sunlit habitat. Applying blue biotech, Phycosphere Biodynamic®, we biomimicry the nutrient-poor water conditions of the open sea in a Green Lab-grown to obtain these bioactive molecules of this holobiont to create OpenSee Phycoskin®.

OPS PSK is composed of polyphenols, proteins and saccharides that improve the integrity of the eyes contour skin by strengthening the epidermis by restoring cell adhesion and increasing antioxidant defenses and rebuilding dermal structures by promoting collagen and elastin production.


Synbiotic effect to recover skin balance


Synbiötik Phycoskin® (Synbiötik PSK) is the cosmetic active ingredient that cooperates with the skin microbiota to achieve a perfect synbiotic combination and combat the effects of dysbiosis.

We biomimicry this amazing marine holobiont from the Atlantic and Mediterranean biofilm ecosystem, which form part of the nutritional basis of marine biodiversity.

Neobiotic molecular complex from Synbiötik PSK nourishes the microbiota and restores skin balance.

Synbiötik PSK brings softness to the skin, restores the moisture level, and reduces excess shine in acne-prone skin and appearance of comedones, pustules and papules



Synbiotic effect to recover scalp balance

Synbiötik BIO Phycoskin® (SYN BIO PSK) contains bioactive postbiotics to restore the sebaceous balance of the scalp and probiotics to reinforce the microbiota reducing the visible deterioration of scalp dysbiosis: scalp flaking and greasy hair.

SYN BIO PSK is composed of phytoplankton and their microbiota that inhabit the ocean floor, i.e. the «skin of the oceans». This tiny microecosystem is a superorganism, playing a key roll in the Earth’s food chain and nutrient cycle. Applying Blue Biotech «Phycosphere Biodynamic Technology®» we biomimics this marine ecosystem to produce SYN BIO PSK.

As a unique combination of marine oligosaccharides, polyphenols and vitamins, SYN BIO PSK exert prebiotic effect promoting the growth of beneficial microbiota (e.g., Staphylococcus epidermidis) and prevent the
proliferation of pathogenic bacteria (e.g., Staphylococcus aureus and Cutibacterium acnes). Furthermore, polyphenols molecules exert postbiotic effects helping to balance the sebum of the scalp and protect against dehydration.


The first cooperative active ingredient from live holobionts


PHYCOSKIN® ONE (PSK ONE) released the Antioxidant-Whitening Dual system to comprehensively combat the effects of exposome on skin aging and pigmentation.

PSK ONE is Unique Holobiont supraorganism composite by phytoplankton – microbiota consortia obtained by PBT.

Sourced from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, we select the best team of phytoplankton species and their microbiota. In our Green Lab-grown we cultivate them together to obtain a Marine holobiont. This is the core of PBT.


Osmocean Phycoskin® (OSM PSK)

Osmocean Phycoskin® (OSM PSK) is an upcycling marine ingredient composed by a unique blend of marine osmolytes for well-aging naturally smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.

Combining Blue biotechnology (Phycosphere Biodynamic Technology®) and inspired by nature, we biomimicry the Rocky Coast ecosystem where a group of microorganisms (epilithic phytoplankton holobiont) cooperate, producing protective metabolites, to survive against cellular osmotic stress and the effect of free radicals caused by solar radiation and desiccation.

The Rejuv-Detox complex is the extract of this holobiont, composed of a blend of saccharides and amino acids, with an extraordinary rejuvenating power against cellular aging.

OSM PSK osmolytes support the skin barrier through four mechanisms of action: improvement of cellular turgor, stimulation of procollagen type I production, stabilization of collagen and elastin fibers, and antioxidant action scavenging ROS.